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Cork ETB are delighted to announce the launch of The ‘We are Cork Youth Challenge’. This Challenge is open to schools or youth groups to register any young people between 13-18 years of age. Using the Flipgrid App (Download from App Store), pick 20 challenges from the list of 50, have fun and be creative and create a short video of you completing your challenge. This is a non-competitive challenge and we encourage all Teachers and Youthworkers to register your class or group.

The Challenge aims to encourage young people to participate to the best of their ability and engage positively with the challenges set for them. Have fun and be as creative as possible, while also taking the opportunity to develop new and exciting skills.

Community building in school and youth groups happens best when everyone is together in person. Yet over this past year, it has proved difficult to engage synchronously, in real time, posing challenges to build relationships with and among young people who we usually engage through class and group work. It has been hard to build a sense of community when young people rarely saw each other in person or with limited live on screen interaction.

Are you a teacher? Youth Worker? Project Leader? Interested in a fun challenge which will take your group of 13-18 year olds on a journey of fun and educational challenge? Register your group now!!

To help decide what challenges you would like to complete, click here for the challenges guide!

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