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Youth Club Grants

This Grants Scheme is administered by Cork ETB on behalf of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. The scheme aims to support youth work activities in voluntary youth clubs and groups.

Student Grants Scheme

Cork ETB administers a student grant scheme for the renewal of existing student grants to eligible PLC and third-level students.

All new student grant applications are administered by Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). Full information on how to apply for these grants is available at

Young Peoples Facilities and Services Fund

The Young Peoples Facilities and Services Fund was established in 1998 as part of the Government’s overall strategy to tackle drug misuse. The Fund aims to assist in the development of youth facilities, including sport and recreational facilities and services in disadvantaged areas where a significant drug problem exists or has the potential to develop. The objective of the Fund is to attract “at risk” young people in disadvantaged areas into these facilities and activities and divert them away from the dangers of substance abuse. The target groups for the Fund are 10-21 year olds who are marginalized through a combination of risk factors relating to family background, environmental circumstances, educational disadvantage, involvement in crime and/or drugs, or other factors. The main focus of the Fund to date has been in Local Drugs Task Force areas.

Special Projects to Assist Disadvantaged Youth

A scheme of grants is made available in respect of special out-of-school projects for disadvantaged young people. Priority is given to projects in the spheres of special youth work initiatives, young homeless people, young substance abusers and young travellers. Grants are allocated to organisations and groups for specific projects which seek to address the needs of young people who are disadvantaged.

The grant-aided youth work initiatives aim to facilitate the personal and social development of participants to realise their potential and in particular to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for their appropriate integration in society. In addition, they present opportunities for young people to undertake actions corresponding to their own aspirations and to assume responsibilities within their local communities.

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