Further Education & Training (F.E.T.)

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Further Education & Training (F.E.T.)

Further Education and Training (FET) is the provision of education and training services to a wide range of beneficiaries. The services provided range from full-time courses of varying duration, to shorter part-time course options designed to meet a specific learner need, linked either to skills acquisition for employment, or the possibility of progression to further studies.


Cork ETB provides a range of Further Education and Training services, both full-time and part-time, in a variety of centres and settings across the region. Full-time provision includes:

  • Post Leaving Certificate courses
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Specific Skills Training
  • Youthreach
  • Community Training Centres
  • Local Training Initiatives
  • Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme


Cork ETB has four stand-alone Campuses of Further Education (PLC Colleges):

  • Morrison’s Island Campus – Click here to visit their website
  • Douglas Street Campus – Click here to visit their website
  • Tramore Road Campus – Click here to visit their website
  • Mallow Campus – Click here to visit their website


Part-time FET programmes are delivered in a variety of settings and locations under a number of funding headings with specific target learner audiences:

  • Back to Education Initiative
  • Adult Literacy
  • Adult and Community Education
  • Skills Training
  • Night/Evening courses
  • Skills for Work

Further Education & Training (FET) Sector

Cork ETB has been at the forefront in the design and delivery of Further Education Programmes over the past twenty years. Each Further Education Campus delivers a wide range of courses and programmes, some of which offer progression routes to third-level institutions. The challenge to the staff and colleges is to build on what has already been achieved and to continue to be pro-active into the future.

The FET sector is one of evolving change, particularly as the design and delivery of new programmes to provide education and training in developing skills areas is challenging. Responding to changing skills requirements is a focus for all Cork ETB Campuses/Centres as they strive to maintain and develop their reputation for innovation in this regard.

The courses provided in Cork ETB Campus/Centres are continually updated and modified to meet the changing conditions of industry and, thereby, provide the optimum opportunity of securing employment for students. The majority of these courses are linked with established national, professional institutes and students awards are accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) (formerly FETAC) and a number of Professional Institutes.  Students are also provided with opportunities to progress to Higher Education. The ETB has developed strong links with CIT and UCC for this purpose.

Further information and contact details for programmes running in this sector are available at:

The Bishopstown Campus (former FÁS Training Centre) delivers an extensive range of training to a diverse range of clients, including those entering the labour market for the first time, job changers, persons wishing to update or acquire new skills, those changing careers, persons with a disability and early school-leavers. The targeted courses are designed to meet the needs of identified industries with a view to meeting the demands of the national skills strategy.


The purpose of the Youthreach Education programme is to offer young people (15-21years) who are no longer engaged in mainstream education a viable progression route on to further education, training and or employment. 12 Youthreach centres operate under the aegis of Cork Education and Training Board.

Outdoor Education Centres

Fastnet Marine Outdoor Education Centre, Schull and Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre, Kinsale both provide a full range of programmes and courses.

Adult Education

The vision of the Cork ETB Adult Education service is to promote an integrated adult education service with each strand contributing to a much needed educational resource within the Cork region. We adapt our range of programmes and incorporate all aspects of adult learning within a unified whole. This involves the merging and integration of services with Community Education, Back to Education Initiative, Literacy, Guidance, VTOS, Upskilling and Training.

The Adult Education Service provides education and training from Level 1 through to Level 10, under the National Framework of Qualifications.

Quality Assurance in FET

Under The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, revised 2014, Cork ETB is recognised as provider of Further Education and Training programmes, and is required under the Act, to have in place agreed Quality Assurance policies and procedures. The remit of the Quality Assurance Office is to oversee, develop and maintain the agreed quality assurance policies and procedures and to interface between QQI and Cork ETB. All Cork ETB quality assurance procedures are approved by QQI. The Quality Assurance Unit is based in the Bishopstown Office of Cork ETB.

Cork College of FET Bishopstown Campus, Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork, T12 EE94.

t: (021) 4856 269

Access and Inclusion

Cork ETB is committed to providing a pathway for every learner. We have a vast array of courses available, short-term, long-term and night-time programmes. Our Schools, Colleges and Centres work with learners aged 4 years to 90 years. You can expect to find contacts, phone numbers and/or emails, which will guide you directly to those who can answer your questions as well as information about some current events which Cork ETB are promoting in the area of Access & Inclusion. For further information, please contact:

email: activeinclusionteam@corketb.ie

Evening Classes

A wide range of evening classes is provided in our schools and colleges during the pre-Christmas and post-Christmas terms each year. Enrolment takes place in September and January.  For details of the courses available in each centre, please visit individual school websites, links to which and contact details are available from the link below.

Community Education

Community Education is a distinctive element of the adult education sector in Ireland and has the capacity to reach marginalized people in disadvantaged communities. Our community education service aims to enhance learning and empower people who will contribute to society.

Adult Basic Education Service

The Adult Basic Education Service (ABE) also provides small group and some 1-1 tuition in reading, writing and maths to adults with a basic skills need for adults with literacy difficulties. Generally NFQ levels 1-3 are offered.

Back to Education Initiative

The Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) provides part-time Further Education programmes for young people and adults. This programme aims to give people an opportunity to combine a return-to-learning with family, work and other responsibilities.

Skills for Work Programme

Skills for Work (SFW) is a National & International award-winning programme. It delivers a variety of Fully Funded workplace educational and upskilling courses to various employment sectors. Courses are thematic to specific employees’ workplace educational needs. Programmes delivered through Cork Education and Training Board (Corl ETB).

Adult Education Guidance Initiative

The aim of the Adult Guidance Service is to facilitate learners to make informed decisions about accessing education and training opportunities.

The focus of the guidance service is to offer educational and career guidance counselling to second-chance learners, whose previous lack of learning opportunities have been a barrier to progression through the education levels.

Education Service Cork Prison

Cork ETB has been providing an education service to Cork Prison since 1978. The Education Service provides a broad programme that is quality assured, student centred and that facilitates life-long learning. Subjects taught include art, woodwork, home economics, literacy and numeracy. We also work to meet the needs of our students by helping them to respond to their sentence through personal development and positive renewal.

Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS)

The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is a second-chance education and training programme which provides courses of up to two years’ duration for unemployed people.

Engagement with Industry

Cork ETB is committed to ensuring that its education and training programmes are and continue to be appropriate to the needs of the labour market. Close engagement with business and industry is, therefore, essential to ensuring that our graduates possess the relevant level and quality of ‘job ready’ skills that employers need.

In addition, work experience is an integral part of most of our courses and a vital part of the learning process.  It also assists students to make the transition from education and training to employment, enhances the employability of the learner and is of direct benefit to employers.

Cork ETB also provides education and training programmes for those already in employment, to enable them to upgrade or enhance their skills for their current job or to prepare themselves for new roles.

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