Further Education and Training Campuses & Centres

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Cork College of FET Morrison's Island Campuswww.morrisonsislandcampus.ie (021) 4222100queries@ccoc.ie
Cork College of FET Tramore Road Campuswww.csn.ie (021) 4961020info@csn.ie
Cork College of FET Kinsale Campuswww.kinsalecampus.ie (021) 4772275info@kinsalecollege.ie
Cork College of FET Mallow Campuswww.mallowcampus.ie (022) 43309info@mallowcollege.ie
Cork College of FET Douglas Street Campuswww.douglasstreetcampus.ie(021) 4255500info@stjohnscollege.ie
Cork College of FET Bishopstown Campuswww.bishopstowncampus.ie(021) 4856200bishopstowncampus@corketb.ie
Cork College of FET West Cork Campuswww.westcorkcampus.ie(028) 21644westcorkcampus@ccoc.ie
Cork College of FET Knocknaheeny Centre(021) 4391782info@citynorthcollege.ie
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