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Cork College of FET-Bishopstown Campus and the Cork Electronics Industry Association (CEIA), are delighted to announce the successful graduation of participants from the third intake of its Leadership and Management Programme

Graduates achieved the Institute of Leadership & Management t(ILM) Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management. This internationally recognised qualification is part of the Bishopstown Campus Skills to Advance offering to companies. Skills to Advance is a SOLAS initiative which provides subsidised upskilling for companies and those in employment.

The graduation ceremony took place on 8th September and was hosted by Flex, a member of the CEIA. The CEIA is an industry lead, non-profit association represents High Tech companies in the Cork region. Flex has been a member of the CEIA since its inception and is celebrating 40 years in Cork this year.  Graduates of the programme gathered with representatives from their company to celebrate their achievement and dedication in achieving the qualification.  Graduates came from a variety of companies including DELL, Bossard, Flex, Horner ,Boston Scientific, Wisetek and Logitech.

The ILM Leadership and Management Programme run by Cork College of FET- Bishopstown Campus is purpose designed for companies and networks of companies who wish to upskill their staff. Graduates of the programme develop enhanced leadership qualities, mental toughness effective communication skills, and strategic thinking abilities, making them well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in their organisation. The programme also gave participants opportunities to network across the CEIA network.

Growth was the theme of the day, guest speakers discussed the importance of cultivating and open and growth mindset. Joe Enright of FLEX spoke to the group about the pace of change in the industry and the importance of continuing to grow and adapt across your career. He ended by stating “I wish you all good growth”.

Alan O’ Flynn of DELL Technologies and Chair of the CEIA congratulated the graduates on their achievements stating “It take sacrifice to take on a programme of learning and I commend you all for rising to the challenge. This programme contains everything that you will need in your career as a leader and also gives you a network of colleagues across the CEIA. Be open to change and cultivate a growth mindset and you will grow in to excellent leaders”.

Valerie Cowman, Manager at Cork College of FET- Bishopstown Campus and Chair of the Education sub-Committee of the CEIA, expressed her pride in the graduates, expressing her hope that  graduates form this programme will go on to be the industry leaders of the future.