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Cork ETB had glowing tributes for 299 students who were honoured last Thursday night (8th February 2024) for displaying academic excellence in their Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied Examinations, as well as the Student of the Year for 2023.

Cork ETB held the event where over 800 family, guests and Principals attended, to showcase the students who received accolades for attaining exceptional results in their examinations.

The Class of 2023 saw the highest ever numbers of students receiving awards from Cork ETB, with 23 students from 13 schools achieving the “perfect score” of 625 points in their examinations.

Cork ETB’s Chief Executive, Mr. Denis Leamy said: “The results that you have achieved in the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied Examinations are among the very best in the country. This is a moment of celebration not only for you, but also for your parents and family who supported, cajoled and stood by you, and you have repaid them in the very high results you have gained.

He continued stating that “The Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied Examinations are the start of lifelong learning and many of you are continuing your journey in Further Education, Training and Higher Education, so the best for you has yet to come. As we acknowledge your outstanding academic achievements, it is crucial to remember that success is not solely defined by grades and results. While results are undeniably important, who we are as people, as friends, as family members, as community members is the true measure of our character. It’s the kindness we show, the support we offer, and the love we give that truly makes a lasting impact on the people and the world around us!”

The categories in which students that excelled and were recognised by Cork ETB for their accomplishments during the virtual awards ceremony were:

  • Student of the Year
  • Leaving Certificate Applied – Special Commendation Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate Applied MedalsThe Tomás Ó Conaill Medal
  • Leaving Certificate – Special Commendation Certificates
  • Leaving Certificate Medal