Volunteer Opportunities with Cork ETB

Volunteer Opportunities with Cork ETB

Please complete the form by clicking the link below, if you wish to register your interest with Cork ETB to provide voluntary support to Ukrainian refugees who have or will arrive into Ireland as a consequence of the war in the Ukraine.

Cork ETB is coordinating and providing a range of supports for Ukrainian refugees, and this form provides for registration of interest against towards areas that would be of most benefit and assistance for people at this time, including:
1. ESOL Language Tuition/Support
2. General Learning Supports
3. Translation Supports

Cork ETB Showcase
CETB Community National Schools Oct 2021

Community National Schools

Community National Schools (CNSs) are state, co-educational, multi-denominational primary schools underpinned by five core values: Excellence in Education, Care, Equality, Community and Respect. CNSs are under the patronage of the local Education and Training Boards (ETBs). CNSs give equal opportunities to all children. In the communities they serve and strive to provide high quality education through respectful, positive, supportive and responsive learning environments.

Carrigaline Community Special School Cover

Carrigaline Community Special School

Our school is a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging and ownership. Respectful and positive relationships which are ever mindful of the dignity of each individual person is the bedrock of our school community. We are also committed to ensuring a safe environment where our students can maximise their own potential. Forging meaningful relationships with the students, their parent(s)/guardian(s) and all involved in their care and education, is essential to ensure high quality educational experience for our learners.

Creative Steps to Well-being

Wellness means something different to everyone, so browse the following selections and click on one that best suits your needs.

A Pathway for Every Learner

Cork Education and Training Board was established under the Education and Training Boards Act, 2013 and is responsible and accountable for the proper direction and control of its functions in the Cork City and Cork County Councils’ local authority areas. Cork ETB is the only statutory body in Cork with the responsibility to provide education and training across a broad range of services.

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