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What is Multifactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security for your Cork ETB Office 365 logon account. Verifying your identity using an additional factor (something you have in your possession, such as your phone) prevents others from accessing your account, even if they know your password

Additional factors that can be used for verification include security codes sent as text messages to mobile phones, mobile phone approval apps such as the Microsoft Authenticator App. You may be familiar with some of the practices that are already widely used for online banking and purchasing.

Why is Cork ETB introducing Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication helps fight against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and helps to secure your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

Due to an increasing number of attempted account compromises we are increasing account security by augmenting the thing you “know” (your username and password) with additional authentication factors, allowing you to use approval security requests sent to a mobile and more, to protect your personal data and institutional system.

So How Does It Work?

Usually, you use just a username and password to logon to services. With MFA enabled on your account, an additional authentication factor is required to complete the logon to services that require it. The additional factor uses something that you have in your possession, such as a mobile phone. When you logon to a service enabled for MFA, after you enter your logon username and password, a verification code or other form of approval is requested from you to complete the logon process.

  • The first time you logon to an MFA enabled service you will need to complete the logon process using the extra approval. Subsequent logons may also prompt for the additional approval, particularly so if you connect your device to different networks and/or use them from different locations (nationally or abroad) Additionally, the first time you use another new application on the device to logon, you will be prompted for the additional approval.

How to I enable MFA on my Cork ETB Office 365 Account?

This is automatically enabled on all staff accounts.

On your first login you will be prompted to set up MFA and SSPR (Self Service Password Reset)

If you are an ETB staff member and MFA is not enabled on your account, please contact the icthelpdesk@corketb.ie

You can also enable or update your security settings by going to https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info where you can activate, add or update the sign-in options associated with your Office 365 Account.

So how do I configure MFA on my account when prompted to?

Please click here to view instructions and screenshots.

Multifactor Authentication and Self Service Password Reset Guide

Please click here to watch this short video guide.

Where will I be required to use MFA?

Once MFA is configured on your account you will be required to use it each time you login using your Cork ETB Office 365 Account. The ICT Department may whitelist certain locations within which MFA will not be required. For example, when you login in your school or centre MFA may not apply and therefore you can login with just your password.

What if I get an unexpected prompt/call/text to approve my logon?

An unsolicited request to approve a logon that you have not initiated usually means that someone else knows your logon username and password, and are trying to use it. Do not approve these requests, change your password and report the event to icthelpdesk@corketb.ie.


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