Cork ETB Decision-Making Processes

Decision-Making Processes for Major Policy Proposals

Staff Recruitment

Cork ETB recruits staff for a wide variety of career opportunities. Typical vacancies include Teachers, Principals, Deputy Principals, Programme Co-ordinators, Tutors, Administrative and Maintenance Staff.  Recruitment is subject to Department of Education and Skills regulations, staffing and budget allocations and the National Redeployment Scheme. The vast majority of vacancies are filled through open competition.

All vacancies for open competition are advertised on the Cork ETB online recruitment portal at: and websites approved by the DES. Each vacancy is advertised with information such as the Job Description, Person Specification and other information for applicants. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be appointed.

It is the policy of Cork ETB to ensure that the highest quality applicants are recruited for all vacancies, in an efficient, fair and consistent manner, free from any discrimination. See our recruitment policies here.

Codes of Conduct

All codes of conduct operating under Cork ETB are available here.

Capital Building Projects

Funding for capital building projects is provided by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) under a variety of categories.

Major Projects:

Funding for the provision of new schools and major extensions to schools under the remit of Cork ETB is provided under the five-year Government programmes of capital investment in schools in the periods from 2012 to 2016 and from 2017 to 2021. Cork ETB also provides administrative assistance in relation to capital building projects involving non-ETB schools.

Minor Projects:

The DES approves funding and devolves management to Cork ETB in relation to a wide variety of minor capital projects in Cork ETB schools in the following categories:

        • Small extensions to schools e.g. ASD Classroom Units, Science Rooms, etc
        • Specialist Classroom Accommodation
        • Temporary Accommodation
        • Summer Works Scheme Projects
        • Emergency Works Grants Scheme


Information on all current building projects is available here.

ETB Elections

Members of Cork ETB are elected In accordance with Section 30 of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013. The Board consists of 21 members, comprising:

      • 12 members elected by the Local Authority (City/ County Council Nominees)
      • 2 members of staff (Staff Nominees)
      • 2 parents of students who has not reached 18 years of age (Parent Association Nominees).
      • 5 members appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills from bodies with a special interest in or knowledge of education and training.

The term of office for members is generally 5 years.

Student Enrolment Procedures

Each school/education and training centre has its own enrolment policy which is decided and implemented at local level, depending on prevailing circumstances. Prospective students and/or their parents should contact the schools/centres directly in relation to enrolment. Contact details are available here or on individual school/centre websites.

Student Awards Scheme

Cork ETB is very proud of the high academic achievement and development of its students across all aspects of their education and training.

To celebrate this, a student awards scheme operates annually and an awards ceremony is held at the end of each year to acknowledge the students’ achievements. Due recognition is given to those who have attained the highest standards academically, musically, culturally and on the field of sport, and who have also contributed most to their school community during the course of their education.

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