Financial Information

Financial Statements

Cork ETB’s audited accounts for 2019 may be viewed here (PDF). 

Cork ETB’s audited accounts for 2018 may be viewed here (PDF) 

Cork ETB’s audited accounts for 2017 may be viewed here (PDF)

Cork ETB’s audited accounts for 2016 may be viewed here (PDF).

Cork ETB’s audited accounts for 2015 may be viewed here (PDF).

Cork ETB’s audited accounts for the 18-month period from 1 July 2013 to 31 December 2014 may be viewed here (PDF).

Plans for Major Capital Expenditure

Information on all current and proposed building projects is available here.

Payments/Purchase Orders for Goods/Services

There is a commitment in the Public Service Reform Plan, that every Purchase Order by a Government Department or Agency for €20,000 or over should be published online by the end of 2012.  This reflected an earlier commitment in the Programme for Government.  Purchases in Cork ETB are used to make payments/reimbursements, including grants to other public bodies and reimbursements of salaries for seconded staff.

Reports on Purchase Orders made in excess of €20k for general payments and €10k for ICT are published on a quarterly basis by Cork ETB and are available here.

Prompt Payment Return

It is a Government requirement that all central Government Departments, the Health Service Executive, the local authorities and all other public sector bodies (excluding commercial Semi-State bodies) pay their suppliers within 15 calendar days of receipt of a valid invoice.

This arrangement does not alter contractual relationships and does not change the legal position in relation to late payments.

As part of the 15-day prompt payment requirement, Government Departments and relevant public sector bodies are required to publish on their respective websites, their quarterly payment performance reports. Government Departments are also required to publish the quarterly composite reports covering the bodies under their aegis.

Travel & Subsistence Payments

Travel and Subsistence payments to members and staff are made in accordance with rates and guidelines under the relevant circular letters relating to travel, mileage and subsistence rates from the Department Education & Skills.

Board Members’ Expenses

Members of Cork ETB do not receive any remuneration in respect of their membership. They are, however, paid travel and subsistence expenses for attendance at meetings in accordance with DES guidelines. Details of Board of Members’ expenses are published on a quarterly basis.

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